Chowder Race Announcement


Race Announcement

WHEN? Almost every Sunday from October 2 through March 26.

WHAT TIME? 1:00 pm start

HOW MUCH? No entry fee, but a PHRFcertificate is recommended

TO ENTER: Bring an entry form to the Berkeley Yacht Club before noon on or before the first day you would like to race. Only one entry is required for all races. Attach a copy of your PHRF rating certificate (available from YRA). PHRF certificates for identical boats may be acceptable, or you may be able to race on a provisional basis with Race Committee approval. You must submit an entry form. Yachts that are not entered are requested to stay clear of the starting area and course.

NEED CREW? Extra crew(often very experienced) are usually available at the Cal Sailing Club or at Berkeley Yacht Club shortly before each race.

NEED A BOAT? Racing skippers looking for crew can usually be found at the Berkeley Yacht Club guest dock shortly before each race.


BYC 2016 Fleet Captain Colin Thompson

Race results, trophies and food at Berkeley Yacht Club after the race