Midwinters Weather Policy

Our policy is to cancel a race when Gale Warning (or worse) is posted for San Francisco Bay. The big question is always when to make the decision.

We realize everyone wants to know in advance about what the weather will be. However, we also don't want to miss a chance for some good racing. So, as a compromise, we've decided to make the 'go/no-go' decision at 0830 on the morning of the race. That's earlier than optimal for some and much later for others, but there really isn't any 'perfect' time.

Thus - if 'Gale' Warning (or worse) is posted at 0830, the race of that day will be cancelled.

We will try and get the decision up on the Berkeley YC site (berkeleyyc.org) as close to 0830 as possible, but if you check with NOAA weather on your VHF (or try your regular FM radio near 108 on the dial) or the National Weather Service web site at 0830 on race day and Gale Warning is posted, then the race is, for sure, cancelled.

If a Gale Warning is NOT posted at that time, we will plan on running the race. This doesn't mean we will not have to abandon eventually. Nor does it mean you must come out no matter what. As you all know, the ultimate decision to race is the decision of the skipper.

Your RC chairs,
Bobbi Tosse and Bob Gray