Berkeley Midwinters 2015-2016

Nov. 14/15, 2015 Dec. 12/13, 2015 Jan. 9/10, 2016 Feb. 13/14, 2016 CofC: Feb. 28, 2016




New format for 2016 Winner’s Race

This year, we’re trying something a little different. Upon request of some of the 2nd place overall winners, we’re combining the 1st and 2nd places into one big winner-take- all race. This means there is the potential of a single start with 24 boats. The 3rd place winners and the one 4th place Express 27 will be in a second division to race for a special trophy and bragging rights at the bar.

We’re looking forward to some great racing and some super pictures.

Bob Gray and Bobbi Tosse