Slate of Candidates submitted by Nominating Committee

Berkeley Yacht Club Election of 2021 Board of Directors

Dear Berkeley Yacht Club members, Please find below the nominations for the 2021 BYC Board of Directors. Slate of candidates submitted by the Nominating Committee

  • Officers:
  • Commodore John Danielson
  • Vice Commodore Tibu de la Carcova
  • Rear Commodore Brian Cline
  • Fleet Captain Mary Garfein
  • Treasurer Seongmin Nam
  • Secretary Robin Crawford
  • Port Captain Martin Taber
  • Directors at Large:
  • Director JP Camille
  • Director Steve Colitz
  • Director Christopher Harding
  • Director Weyman Lunquist

Other nominations A voting member may nominate other candidates or self for specific positions. Nominations must be received by October 24, 2020. Nominations received by that date will be included on the ballot. We encourage you to include a short bio.

Other nominations received to date:

  • Peter Masson, self-nominated for Commodore

Voting Ballots will be sent electronically to voting members by November 6, and must be returned by 6pm, November 21. We encourage you to vote. Respectfully submitted, Falk Meissner, Chair, Nominating Committee (Betty Gray, Janet Darling, Megan Dwyer, Mark Bird) October 12, 2020.

Nominee Bios:

John Danielson – Commodore A self-described “hellraiser”, John has been a member of the BYC since 1986 which is, appropriately, longer than any other current board member. John is a racer at heart and he and his better half, Maria sail his Freedom 25, Aleph Null whenever and wherever they can. It is the Friday Night beer can and barbecue scene that lured John into the BYC. A proponent and facilitator of member participation and volunteerism John is coming for you. You know that big, fat, spectacular waffle breakfast that the BYC puts on at Opening Day weekend? That’s John and Maria. Also, all members are encouraged to ask John to explain aleph null in detail with pie charts.

Peter Masson – Commodore Peter joined the BYC in 2014, and he immediately started volunteering – first to lead the Half Moon Bay Cruise, then to be cruise leader, then to edit the Now Hear This!, and finally to serve on the board as director and then secretary. A small group of a few folks spent a lot of time and their own money volunteering to remodel the club this year, and Peter was proud to be a part of that effort lead by the volunteerism of our Commodore Julie. Volunteering starts from the top down, with leaders being excited about the club and driving that spirt of excitement to serve until everyone is involved. A great club is all about great members serving, working, and playing hard together. Let’s get that spirit back at the BYC and make 2021 the best year ever!

Tibu de la Carcova - Vice Commodore Husband, father, son, tequila drinker and cigar smoker, Tibu loves sailing and meat. When Tibu talks, people listen (it’s the Argentinian accent). He could describe making coffee and you will want to do it with him. A natural people person, he ironically likes to sail his Contessa 26 alone. With two years on the board he has been a terrific asset to the club. Most importantly, Tibu has the rare ability to roast an entire goat on a spit. This is why we need him. “The outer winds of the circle will carry me fast and far away from the doldrums where you will rot” - Tiburcio de La Carcova.

Brian Cline - Rear Commodore Dog Lover, Ferryboat Captain, Sailing Instructor. Brian has been a member of the BYC since 2011. With a quiet determination and the stoicism of a military man Brian likes people but he will five-horn your ass if you cross in front of him on the water. He has already served one year on the board as our even keeled Fleet Captain and has gained a reputation for his reserved demeanor and thoughtful input. Communication, communication, communication. That is his mantra and he states it well.

Mary Garfein - Fleet Captain Attorney at law, Cal Cup hero and long-time BYC member Mary is part of the Old School. She and her husband, Glen raised their children Sarah and Laura at the BYC and forced them to be elves at our Christmas events. They even imported one or two wayward youths from other countries and put them on committee duty. Mary and Glen are sailors and racers. They race their C&C 28, Mary C, regularly.

Seongmin Nam – Treasurer Having served on the board as Treasurer for a year now, Seongmin Nam likes a good deduction. She keeps the lights on and keeps us in the black. Teacher, investor, social butterfly, Naturalist and Tickler of the Ivories she is invested in the club and the community. Seongmin and her husband Alan (also a past board member) have been regular volunteers since they joined in 2014. They are personally responsible for the apprehension and conviction of 14 line skippers at the monthly dinners. Seongmin is actively engaged in improving BYC’s standards and supporting upcoming board members as they transition into the Board.

Robin Crawford – Secretary Robin joined the BYC in 2000 and just now realized that she needs to give back and it’s about damn time. An expert in risk management and contracts she will ipso facto and E pluribus Unum the club right into smooth sailing, baby. The Spouse and Life Coach of Staff Commodore Steve Crawford she is a member of the BYC Cool People Establishment and brings this perspective to the board. A longtime active member and prolific volunteer Robin is a familiar face at the clubhouse and BYC events.

Martin Taber - Port Captain Martin may have joined the BYC in 2016. Nobody is really sure including Martin. It was all a blur. What he is sure about is that he loves sailing and he loves racing in the beer cans on Upstart, Richard Page’s Santa Cruz 27. What you may not know is that Martin and his wife, Alexandra were married at the BYC. Apparently they considered a barefoot wedding but then opted for something more elegant. That is the beauty of the BYC: choices. Martin enjoys the people, the club events and contemplating the futility of life as he stares out through the Golden Gate at the vastness of the Pacific Ocean.

JP Camille – Director An excitable Canadian, JP heard stories of the Berkeley Yacht Club deep in the forests of the Canadian back country. With a French song in his heart and his young family in tow he came to sunny California in search of adventure and camaraderie. As a new sailor and racer, JP brings to the board a fresh perspective and a certain je ne sais quoi that brings dudes and dudettes together. JP is already engaged in the Chowder Racing program so look for good things there.

Steve Colitz – Director With his East Coast sensibilities and fabulous mustache Steve has been a reliable source of wisdom and an avid volunteer on the board for three years now. Members since 2014, Steve and his wife Aleen are generous with their time and culinary skills helping to make some of our most memorable dinner events. If you are considering volunteering for committee do it when it’s on Steve and Aleen’s boat. You will be glad you did. A bit of a policy wonk, Steve keeps the board within the lines both with regard to the rules and the yacht club tradition. He is the fur-lined bunny slipper of board members.

Christopher Harding – Director A Pennsylvania mountain man by nature, Chris got a hankerin’ to move out West after graduating from Pitt so he shaved his beard and kissed his cousin goodbye and headed to Berkeley to experience the culinary wonders of California. By 2016 this mountain man had become a salty sea dog so he joined the BYC in search of community and a damn good salad. He found his people right here at the BYC and we all got the salad. Chris has served on the BYC board for a year now and has volunteered in a variety of capacities at the club. He has gained a reputation as the man you want if you want it done well.

Weyman Lunquist – Director An avid windsurfer and captain of industry, Weyman Lundquist brings with him a worldly knowledge. Weyman is the organizer, spiritual leader and Grand Poobah behind the Cal Cup series as well as the very man who brought the Windsurfing Nationals to the BYC in 2017. It hasn’t all been pro-level events. For years Weyman sponsored and ran a youth sailing program here in Berkeley that was completely free. In 2017 he and his partner Sharon were seduced by BYC’s charm and joined the club. Known by the windsurfers as “The Man”, if organized sailing is something you’re interested in Weyman is a man to know.