Update from the Commodore April 30, 2020

Happy May Day everyone. I wish it were under better circumstances I was sending this greeting. But here I am once again hoping you are managing during this shelter in place. I think it is sad news that I have to report the Club will remain closed at least until the first of June as mandated by the City and County. But I think we all agree we need to err on the side of caution with this virus. Stay home and find a new hobby. The Club is only open to our GM Philip, myself, and my husband, Bob Henderson. We are all very careful to keep our distance and wear our masks when in proximity to each other. Fortunately, the club has 3 separate rooms downstairs so it is fairly easy working alone in our own room. We are cleaning out cupboards that haven’t been cleared for many years and cleaning and painting all the walls. Wood paneling and bar chairs have been scrubbed and wiped down with Old English. In other words, we are taking advantage of the club closure to do some deep cleaning and sprucing up of our Club. Can’t wait for you all to see it when we open. Thank you, Philip, for the bang-up job and dedication.

The Board of Directors continues to meet weekly on Zoom to stay up to date on the club and its finances. We also have our monthly BOD Meeting and any member is welcome to join in on this Zoom meeting. We welcome any information to help us move forward. I know several of you are wondering how to pay your dues payment while we are closed. This is a good time to sign up with Philip for autopay. You can choose either a deduction from a checking account or payment on a credit card. I know sometimes my statement would get buried in the emails if I had been away for a while and not get paid. We encourage you to sign up for autopay as it makes life so much easier for you and us and there is never a missed or forgotten payment. However, if you are experiencing financial hardship during this pandemic, please reach out to me or Philip and with complete confidentiality, we can work something out so you can continue to be a valuable member of our Club. I would also like to thank all of you who have continued to pay your dues monthly. Your support of BYC is very important for us to be able to pay our overhead expenses even while the club is closed. It will also enable us to open with staff and events on the calendar that I know we are all looking forward to. An extra big Thank You to those of you who sent in a donation to the club. This extra will help out with needed repairs and other items such as bar dishwasher and dining room doors. We are also hoping to do some upgrading of the men’s bathroom.

We are so lucky to have you as part of our yacht club family and we appreciate your generosity. I wish the best to all and hope you are safe and healthy. We will be together again. Maybe looking a little different with a mask and gloves. But hay, Sailors are flexible and resilient, right??

Julie La Plant Commodore