New Year Day Breakfast before Commodore's Mystery Cruise

As you may know on the first day of year the Berkeley Yacht Club celebrates the new year with the Commodores Mystery Cruise. To make sure everyone has enough energy on New Year's Day to go out on the water, it's traditional to serve a breakfast at the club. This year Steve Crawford and myself are planning a simple breakfast of waffles, maple syrup, a sausage each with OJ or Coffee to drink. The breakfast will be offered from 9am to 11am.

Of course we need help to make this happen, so a few volunteers are needed. Two different shifts of two hours are open. Either help set-up and cook from 8am-10am or cook and help clean up from 10am-12noon. Of course gluttons for punishment are welcome to sign up for 8am-12noon. Cooking in this case is mostly keeping the sausages coming and ensuring the coffee is always hot. If you prefer to avoid high temperature surfaces mixing batter and preparing OJ are also needed tasks in the galley..

Thanks for making it this far. Send me an email at if you want to get in on the action.

John C Danielson, Vice Commodore