The March Corporate meeting is coming up on Saturday, March 23 and there will be a vote to move to monthly member billing instead of the current quarterly billing cycle. The advantage of this is that the BYC and our members are generally on a monthly budget cycle. By going to a monthly billing cycle we will be dramatically improving our cash flow and overall financial health. It will also help members keep up with member dues, etc and cut down on exorbitant past due amounts.

To facilitate this we will be going to an all electronic model in which you, the members, will receive your invoice via email. You will be given the option to pay the bill by credit or debit card or by setting up auto-pay via a debit or credit card. Members that do not whish to receive their invoices electronically will be able to opt out and still receive their invoices by mail although we hope to encourage you to try the electronic model. Ballots will be going out by email within the next week or so. I encourage everyone to help usher the BYC into the 21st Century.

And if you like fresh local crab and just want to eat them without the spending time shopping, cooking and cleaning up – this is exactly want you need. If you do not eat crab, we are planning chicken and vegetarian options for your dining pleasure.

The menu will feature appetizers, garlic bread, Caesar salad, CRAB, organic pasta and a nice dessert. Tentatively, the cost is $35.00 for crab and $25.00 for the chicken or vegetarian dinners. There is a $5.00 discount for an advance reservation. We expect a full house and walk-in are subject to availability. Every reservation made prior to March 12th will be entered into a drawing for a very special prize. To sign up for the dinner, and get entered into the drawing send an email with the number in your party to

Cheers Mark Bird, Commodore and Steve Colitiz, Director