December Midwinter Race Report

December Midwinter Races Report The rains held off for the 2nd edition of the BYC 2018-2019 Midwinter races held on December 8 & 9. Some details: Saturday, December 8: 43 yachts divided into 5 divisions showed up to enjoy the 7-10k winds from ENE. This direction, along with the strong ebb, produced great flat water sailing in the winter sun. We were able to start on time (12:00) and we sent the gang on a double windward/leeward course. Even with the light wind, all were able to complete the course within an average of 1 ½ hours. The lucky ones who finished the day in Berkeley were treated to a lighted boat parade with 26 entrants. This was followed by fantastic fireworks. Super, super fun! Cumulative results show there is still fun to be had in the future. For instance, in Division B there is a tie for first (2 with 6 pts.), followed by a 7, 8, 9 and a pair of 10’s. Look for some place changes in the months to come!

Sunday, December 9: The weather prognosticators weren’t very hopeful about Sunday’s chances for fun. It felt much colder than Saturday and there was almost zero wind at the appointed start. But it is Christmas time and all of us had been good, so Santa told the wind gods to let us play. Thus, after only 15 a minute postponement, 31 yachts in 6 divisions were sent out on a double windward/leeward course. And, in conditions not that different than Saturday, the ENE wind and the ebb tide resulted in fine flat water sailing. The Cumulative results for Sunday also show that there is more fun to be had in the future. For instance, in Division 1, we see 1st place with 5 pts followed by a pair of 6’s, then a 7, 8, & 9. Look for place changes in the future! In Division 3, the two Richmond Junior’s J 22’s seem to have 1st pace (2pts) and 2nd place (4 pts) locked up. The next 3 boats with a pair of 8’s and a 9 have their work cut out for them! Lastly, I’ve stolen a picture of the Express 27 start. They sure seem ‘cozy’ the way they play together. Full results can be found at

Respectfully submitted, Bobbi Tosse