BYC 2018 Awards Presented

The BYC Letter- December 2018

Recently, the retiring commodore of the Berkeley Yacht Club awarded a number of special presentation awards at the Commodore’s Ball Saturday, December 1st.  It was a gala-dinner event at the club in which the Change of Watch occurred, and a number of distinctive awards were presented, all prior to installing the 2019 Board of Directors.

Member Tom Barr was awarded the “Unsung Hero Award”. This is awarded for contributions often un-noticed by the membership at-large. Tom, a BYC member of many years, has been instrumental in working on and completing numerous projects and repairs at the club that affect everyday life. Chuck Bullett commented that Tom also plays harmonica with tremendous skill and feeling, among his many other skills and talents, and then the Commodore went on to state at the presentation that Tom richly deserves this distinction.

Another long-standing member, Paul Kamen, was recognized for “contributing significantly to boating safety or boating safety education” with the Victoria Day Memorial Boating Safety AwardCommodore Bullett contributed these comments leading up to the presentation; “…that this individual’s dedication to teaching the art and science of fluid dynamics as it affects boating beneath his not-so super-secret pen name in a local monthly sailing magazine, his dedication to the instruction of newcomers to celestial navigation numerous times throughout the year, and his willingness to adjudicate on protest committees for regattas, all in-addition to his dedication to Berkeley’s Dragon Boat Paddling movement, makes Paul the obvious choice as the recipient of this award for 2018.”

Berkeley Yacht Club, recognized as having the second-most active regatta and sail-racing programs among bay-area yacht clubs, is also a noted “Cruisers’” club, as well.  The Irving Fatt Cruising Award is awarded annually to the member to has displayed a passion for cruising activities, for organizational skill, and for a possession of enthusiasm for all things about cruising. Bullett commented during the presentation that this year’s recipient is so enthusiastic about cruising that he was in St. Martin, cruising the Caribbean  during the awards dinner. This year’s recipient is Peter Masson.

The Matty Mathews Award recognizes a member, or members, annually, for contributing the most to organized boating and to the Berkeley Yacht Club. This year’s recipient is a couple team who have contributed their time, talent, and/or their vessel to the monthly Cal-Cup competitions, assisting as race committee, plus presented numerous monthly member dinners with entertaining programs through thi past year, and for managing the Express-37 One-Design Nationals so expertly.  The Matty Matthews Award was presented to Mark and Mari Bird.

Member Janet Darling, who was not present for the evening’s event, was awarded the Glenn Waterhouse Award, which is presented annually for racing activities and for displaying the spirit of comradery, crewman-ship, wisdom, and for displaying continued dedication to the sport. The commodore commented that Ms. Darling’s activities on the management side of Bay Area regatta’s include answering the call for volunteers every time the P-R-O issues the request, for displaying fortitude and patience when sitting at anchor for hours aboard R/C Vessels, and for demonstrating her knowledge and recall of club race protocol when called upon. She was also recently called upon by Bullett to represent club membership on the 2019 BYC Board nomination committee, a role she also filled in 2017 for the 2018 board nominee selections.

The Bryan Stephenson Memorial Youth Sailing Award is an annual award recognizing participation and excellence for youth boating activities. This year’s recipient was introduced to sailing at a very early age, and in the past few years has become the winningest sailor in her division in Richmond Yacht Club’s youth Opti and El Toro programs. Her summer activities this past year included assisting as a junior councilor at BYC’s summer youth sailing camp (Kids' Camp), when she was seen introducing campers of all ages to what it is like to skipper your own sail boat as she ripped about the harbor in our club’s El-Toro. She is also seen during most BYC Friday Night Beer Can races and Sunday Chowders handling fore-deck aboard the Olson-25 Shark on Bluegrass. The Bryan Stephenson Memorial Youth Sailing Award was presented to BYC Junior Member Malina Meissner for 2018.

The Bill Chapman Memorial Seamanship Award, our newest award at BYC, is present annually to the individual whom most oft demonstrates the principle that "Seamanship and Sportsmanship can cross the finish-line, together". This year’s recipient’s participation in beer can and regatta racing is now legendary, as is her race boat’s notorious paint scheme, and her manners on the water and at the line are beyond reproach. The Commodore mentioned that if Bill Chapman had been present that he would have agreed that Megan Dwyer is that individual, and is this year’s recipient.

Finally, Commodore Bullett received assistance from senior member Betty Towell while presenting the Betty Towell First Mate Award. Awarded for “Consistently supporting those who got the recognition”, and it was presented to Captain Lisa Bullett, who the commodore went on to say has been supportive of every initiative at BYC in years past, plus endeavoring to share her business acumen while undertaking the management of the BYC Ships’ Store, plus the recent installation of pull-down room-darkening shades in the dining room. He noted her contributions as his partner while he was serving on the board through the past years.

These awards are displayed in the dining room of the Berkeley Yacht Club, and may be inspected in the alcove in the west wall.