The Commodore's Letter

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The Commodore's Ball; Plan to RSVP Soon.

The Commodore and wife Lisa Bullett are promising you a very special evening as we transport you to one of the oldest countries in Europe, Spain. Be on the lookout for an invitation coming to your mailbox very soon. You absolutely do NOT want to miss this special evening. Hint: Formal Attire, bring your best dancing game and RSVP early. We want you there! Dinner, Champagne, Live Music and Dancing for an evening in the bay area would cost you a fortune elsewhere but at BYC its only $65 per person!

December 1st, 2018 is the Date. (#SavetheDate)

1800 (6PM) No Host Cocktail Hour with Hors D'Oeuvres being passed about with our special catering staff for the evening.

1900 (7PM) for Dinner, Change of Watch Ceremony, Awards, and much, much more.

After Dinner-  Music, Dancing, Great Stories and Laughing amongst Friends. Join us.


2018 Financials: “The Books are Balanced”

In our recent semi-annual corporation meeting on Saturday, October 20th, Bobbi Tosse, the club CPA (Ret), announced that our outside bookkeeping service Bumblebee Bookkeeping Service of El Cerrito and BYC office administrator Rachelle Melandres "did a fantastic job" to bring the club's financials in-line with budget projections, and to bring member accounts current this year.  Citing the on-line cloud accounting program in-use by BYC, Bobbi said “QuickBooks on-line rocks”,  allowing her to work collaboratively with the club’s accounting staff,  and is totally worth the club's investment.  The Berkeley Yacht Club’s financials are now in-order, and more importantly, balanced. This allows BYC accounting staff now to prepare the club's 2017 tax filing.  The club was granted extensions to get its financial house in order after Commodore Bullett conducted an emergency reorganization of the front-office in March of 2018. Bobbi also contributed that BYC has a profit and loss statement (a "financial snapshot, or photograph")  through September 30, showing a projected  negative $4,000 balance at year-end.  Bobbi contributed that this is due to The Club's quarterly billing cycle and how revenue flows through the club in those ninety-day cycles. Bobbi stated during the meeting “(sic) we will correct that", meaning that an imminent move to monthly billing and a projected 2019 dues increase will smooth over the financial "hills and valleys".

2019 BYC Dues Increase Overwhelmingly Approved.

The 2019 Dues Increase balloting closed just prior to the October 20th Corporation Meeting, and Commodore Bullett announced that the due's proposed increase had passed overwhelmingly. The voting results were tallied by Staff Commodores Betty Gray and Falk Meissner, and then subsequently certified by Staff Commodore and CPA (Ret) Bobbi Tosse. Tosse stated that the balloting for this initiative resulted in the highest percentage of total membership voting in her memory, with more than 42% of regular and associate members casting their ballots.

Dues are rising overall fifteen-percent, and are going from $60 a month, to $70 per month beginning January 1st, 2019 ; Senior Dues (Old Salts with 25 years or more of membership) are going from$20 to $60 per quarter.

On the regular dues the tally was 85 Yeas, 29 Nays, and 7 Abstentions.On the senior dues the tally was 84 Yeas, 30 Nays, and 6 Abstentions. The Commodore adds that a number of Bay Area yacht clubs including Richmond YC also similarly raised their 2019 dues structures as well.

New Club Manager Philip Strause On-the-Job Monday, October 29th

Phil Strause, newly announced club manager was introduced to membership at the BYC Corporation meeting on October 20th along with his wife, Moni(ka). Phil and Moni are already known to some at the club for taking part in numerous sailing races both in the club and YRA. Philip comes to BYC directly from the Olympic Circle Sailing Club (OCSC) where he has been working as a corporate event coordinator for the past three and a-half years, and spouse Moni, most recently a partner with member Lori Tewkesbury in the Express 27  Hang 20,  works professionally in the Berkeley scientific community. The Strauses were married at Berkeley Yacht Club earlier this spring. Manager Strause’s first day in the Berkeley Yacht Club front office will be Monday, October 29th.


2019 Board of Directors Slate Announced

In more news developments coming out of the October 20th Corporation Dinner Meeting, Staff Commodores Patrick Hind-Smith and Betty Gray announced and then introduced the 2019 Board of Directors Candidates as interviewed, vetted and then approved for the slate by the nominating committee of:

Staff Commodores Falk Meissner, Betty Gray, Patrick Hind Smith, and members at-large Julie LaPlant and Janet Darling.

Commodore:            Mark Bird

Vice Commodore:    Julie La Plant

Rear Commodore:   David Janinis

Fleet Captain:           Tiburcio de la Carcova

Treasurer:                 Angie Liebert

Secretary:                  Alan Poropat

Port Captain:            Fran Stateler

Director:                    Steve Colitz

Director:                    Joe Cunliffe

Director:                    Vanessa Valdez

Director:                    Peter Masson

Director:                    Christopher Harding


It is additionally important to note, Hind Smith told the attendees at the corporation meeting, that there are five candidates this year for four directorships, and that Pac Cup Staff Commodore Julie LaPlant has volunteered to step in to assume the Vice Commodore position, left vacant by Colin Thompson’s recent resignation from the board, choosing not to run for the office of commodore next year.

Staff Commodore Betty Gray added that the 2019 Board Member voting ballots will be out in the U.S. Mail shortly and that the balloting will close one hour before the November 17th member dinner meeting at 1800 hrs.

Volunteer Opportunities Open Now

There are a number of volunteer and committee leadership openings now at the Berkeley Yacht Club. Contact the Commodore of Vice Commodore for more information and to sign up! It takes a village of volunteers to run the good ship BYC. Interested? Email NOW.

-Environmental Stewardship Committee; Seeking Committee Chair and Members

-Website Manager, Social Media and Publicity Committee; Seeking Committee Chair and Members, Writers, Editors, Content Managers and Publicity Coordinators

-Program and Events Committee; Seeking Committee Chair and Members

-Finance Committee; Seeking Committee Members

-Capital Campaign Committee; Seeking Committee Chair and Members

-Facilities Committee; Seeking Committee Members to work with the Vice Commodore to keep our club facilities looking tip-top.

-“Now Here This” Newletter Editor in Chief, Editors, Writers, Contributors, Photographers.

- Officer of the Day Coordinators and Hospitality Volunteers

-Membership Committee; Seeking Committee Chair and Members; New Member Out-Reach is the Mission.

-Race Committee; Chowder and Beer Can racing is always a keen social time at the club, and also a great place to get your feet wet in sail race management! When your ready to move on the Berkeley Race Program has numerous YRA races that it manages through the year as well. Opportunities abound. Contact the fleet captain or Bobbi Tosse. Not sure how? Just email the commodore: and you’ll be connected!


BYC Winter Nights; Every Friday Night Family Style Dining, Home Grown Music, Games, Talks, Lectures, and More

December 8; Berkeley's "Winter on the Waterfront" and Lighted Boat Parade. SIGN UP NOW

December 16th: Childrens Holiday Party and the arrival of Old Saint Nick by Sea

Chowder Racing Every Sunday Afternoon and First Sunday Jazz every month.