Election of the 2019 BYC Board of Directors

Election of the 2019 Berkeley Yacht Club Board of Directors Ballot will be mailed to you by October 31st.  Please return your ballots by mail or in person to the club no later than Saturday, November 17, 2018 at 1800 (6:00pm).

Vote for the following:

Commodore Mark Bird

Vice Commodore Julie LaPlant

Rear Commodore David Janinis

Fleet Captain Tiburcie de la Carcova

Treasure Angie Liebert

Secretary Alan Poropat

Port Captain Fran Stateler

Vote for 4 of the 5 candidates running for Director.  Please vote for up to 4 Directors candidates. Voting "Yes" for all 5 Director candidates will be invalidate for the "Director" section of the ballot.  Candidates listed in aplphabetical order:

Director Steve Colitz

Director Joe Cunliffe

Director Christopher Harding

Director Peter Masson

Director Vanessa Valdez

Sincerely the 2018 Nominating Committee

Falk Meissner, Patrick Hind-Smith, Betty Gray, Janet Darling, and Julie LaPlant