Nominations for the 2019 BYC Board of Directors

On behalf of the Nominating Committee, please find below the proposed slate of candidates for the 2019 BYC Board of Directors.

First, we would like to thank all 2018 board members for the considerable amount of work and their contribution to the club. Special thanks to members that are stepping down from the board: Commodore Chuck Bullett, Paul Boatman, Tom Loughran and Bob Bratton. Chuck, enjoy the silver stars :-).

Unfortunately, Vice Commodore Colin Thompson is not able to run for Commodore in 2019. Colin recently moved out of the Bay Area to take a new job at the UC Merced. We would like to thank Colin for his service on the board and wish him all the best. Colin, we would be happy to see you return to the Bay Area and BYC!

Rear Commodore Mark Bird has agreed to run for the Commodore position. Julie LaPlant has agreed to back-fill as Vice Commodore. Julie is a long time BYC member. She previously served on the BYC board and was Commodore of the Pacific Cup Yacht Club.

Joining as new BYC board candidates are Angie Rowland for Treasurer. Tiburcio de la Carcova for Fleet Captain, and Vanessa Valdez as Director at Large. We still have one open Director position, please help by raising your hand and/or suggesting possible candidates.

In full transparency and awareness of potential conflicts of interest: Julie was appointed as a member of the nominating committee in June of this year. She recused herself from the VC discussions, after it became clear that she would be an ideal candidate to back-fill the VC spot. Falk recused himself from the discussion of his wife Vanessa joining the board as Director.

The Nominating Committee submits the following slate for consideration by the membership.

Commodore Mark Bird

Vice Commodore Julie La Plant

Rear Commodore David Janinis

Fleet Captain Tiburcio de la Carcova

Treasurer Angie Rowland

Secretary Alan Poropat

Port Captain Fran Stateler

Director Steve Collitz

Director Joe Cunliffe

Director Vanessa Valdez

Director [Open – looking for candidates]

We will introduce these candidates at the dinner meeting on October 20th. Election ballots will be send out in early November. Please note that according to the BYC bylaws, every member has the right to nominate or self-nominate additional candidates for the board before the Oct. 20th meeting. We thank all of the incoming and continuing candidates for the 2019 BYC board for their willingness to serve the club.

Respectfully submitted, Betty Gray, Janet Darling, Patrick Hind-Smith, Julie La Plant, Falk Meissner.