There is room for more folks on Berkeley Yacht Club’s Race Committee! Experience is not required! Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the learning and the fun! The next two months are packed with great racing events and we need you to sign up now!

The dates and details are:

August 25 – Classic Boats race #9. We anchor at the same place as we did on August 11 and run 2 races for 6 Divisions. Muster time at BYC is 0900.

September 15 – Cal Cup Windsurfers last race for 2018. Same excitement as August 18. Same time – 1245.

September 22 – OYRA. An Ocean race that we run from either the StFrancis YC race deck or the Golden Gate YC deck. We meet at 0815. This event is actually a two stage event – the start and the finish. Once the start is completed, the Committee people can go do something else for a few hours. (Go see the seals?)

September 28, 29, 30 – Express 37 Nationals. There are jillian ways to help with this event. Parties in the club and excitement on the water.

Take your pick! Pick a few (or all!) of the dates and sign up for fun. Contact me ASAP at or 925-939-9885. Thanks! Bobbi