CANCELED Competition at BYC on July 4th Design/Build/Race

July 4th 3:00 - 5:00

It seems that the enthusiasm for rowing around the marina in a leaky, flimsy homemade boat in cold water is less than I was expecting. Nonexistent comes to mind. Therefore, we will be postponing the Team America Boating Competition until 2019. This will give us an opportunity to reflect on who we are as Americans and how we want to be remembered as patriots.

See you at barbecue. Mark Bird BYC Rear Commodore

Commodore Bullet mentioned that I suggested Kayak races for the 4th. That is partially true. We will have a boating competition that will involve racing but they will not be the BYC kayaks. Instead, competitors will be required to design and build their boat first and then race. This will be a team effort.

Each team will be provided boat building materials and tools that are entirely inappropriate for building a boat and will have 90 minutes to design and construct their racing machine. Each team will then designate a paddler(s) and race a closed course near the clubhouse and the winning team will have 2018 bragging rights and a round at the bar.

The weather promises to be sunny and warm (ish) and the water will be cold and salty. PFDs will be required. This is a team effort so you do not have to get wet to participate but you can if you want to.

If you want a piece of this action send me a "Hell Yeah" so I can get a general head count. Go America!

Mark Bird, BYC Rear Commodore