Tri-Island Pursuit Race 2018 / Third Race August 19th

Tri-Island Pursuit Series 2018 marks the 6th year of the Tri-Island Pursuit Series. With beer can races shifting to Friday evenings, I thought it would be nice to have a monthly Sunday race to bring afternoon sailors out and to keep the Club somewhat lively on the weekends. Thus was born the Tri-Island Pursuit Series.

What is it and how does it work? This race series is open to boats and (skippers) of all types and sizes. Whether you are a racer or cruiser, you will find yourself challenged on each of these three days in June, July and August as these are usually the windiest months of the year. The basic concept of a pursuit race is that everyone is given a PHRF handicap based on their boats measurements and predictable hull speed with the boats having the higher handicap starting first in sequence depending on their rating followed by the faster boats . If all was to work out according to plan then all boats would finish at the same time, right? Uh well, not exactly…. so many variables. Tides, currents, strategies, skill as well as how much cargo (i.e. wine and books for cruisers) that you are carrying on board.

The series is aptly named the Tri-Island Series because each race begins at the BYC starting line and rounds a different Bay island for each race and finishes off the BYC race deck. Dates!

Race 1 is BYC around Alcatraz and home on June 3. COMPLETE

Race 2 is BYC around Treasure Island and home on July 15. COMPLETE

Race 3 is BYC around Angel Island on August 19.

The races are a ton of fun both during and after. There is usually music and light bar bites afterwards back at the Club and we all relive the day. I encourage you all to come out and join in the fun and try your hand with some well practiced and others not so much. Stay tuned as the Sailing Instructions and Notice of Race will soon be posted on the BYC Race Site. There is a nominal fee of $20 per race per vessel or $50 for all 3 races to cover a few costs. See you out there!

Patrick Hind-Smith

Staff Commodore Race Committee Chair