2018 Cruising Schedule

The 2018 Cruise Committee met on Dec 21st to plan out the 2018 cruising schedule.  A couple folks got volunteered, so please let Peter Masson know if you're comfortable with the assignments or if you'd like someone else to take it.  

The committee tried to pick weekends with no other planned BYC activities, however there are a few that overlap with the mid-winters.. there was just no avoiding it. 

The other big change is that this year we do not have a cruise planned for the July 4th, which falls on a Wednesday this year. BYC has a wonderful day planned at the clubhouse on July 4th, complete with City of Berkeley Fireworks in the evening. 

Always check your tideguide prior to departing for a cruise, and file a sail plan with someone so it is known when you're expected back to port.

Jan 1: Mystery Cruise - C Bullett
Feb 10-12: Aeolian Yacht Club - J Cunliffe
Mar 10-11: Corinthian Yacht Club - P Hind-Smith
April 20-22: Richmond Boat Show - M Bird
May 26-28: Marin Yacht Club - G Fagerlin
Jun 23-24: South Beach Baseball Game - K Phillips
July 28-29: Angel Island - S Colitz (Steve - this one will take some planning, but both Glenn and Wil volunteered to help!)
Aug 11-12: Encinal Yacht Club - TBA
Sept 1-3: Half Moon Bay Yacht Club - P Masson
Oct 27-28: Ballena Bay Yacht Club - W Hand
Nov 10-11: Richmond Yacht Club - M Dallow

Thanks everyone!  Looking forward to a great year of cruising in 2018.

Peter Masson; BYC Cruise Chair