Thank you to all that helped on Saturday, September 23rd

Dear BYC Members and Lovers of All Things-Clean;

I am pleased to be able to report to you that a number of our members checked-in last week to contribute their expertise and time for an ad-hoc "clean and shine" day at the BYC club house.

Please take a moment to say thank you to these folks when you see them around the club: Nic Spycher, Louis Benainous, Rear Commodore Colin Thompson, Kevin Mullanny, Sigvart Horneman, Phyllis Horneman, Staff Commodore Steve Crawford, Joe Cunliffe, Wil Hand, Craig Murdoch, Manager Mark Sokolov.  We were able to repair chairs in the bar area, secure some loose boards on the guest dock, re-new the marine VHF radio installation including the roof antenna in the bar for the race committee, picked-up about three-hundred feet of chain contributed by a customer of Cree Partridge's at Berkeley Marine Center, then delivered it to the race shed on the guest dock. Then to top it all off, we had a crew polishing and shining-up the little noticed foot rail in the bar. It's all in the details someone once told me! All this in three hours time!

We had to vacate right at noon to make room for the Whale Boat teams' regatta celebration event. The whale boat teams were a fabulous distraction and provided great entertainment for the clean-team all morning long. 

We also replaced some back-up battery equipment in the office which failed during recent power outages. These recent power outages were attributed to high winds (by PG&E) in the Berkeley Marina, and have caused a few problems for our club operationally. Our entry control system has required some coddling by your Vice Commodore after each of these power outages. At this time the West Door electronic lock (with the accessibility ramp leading to the bar) isn't functioning correctly (meaning you can't unlock it with your club key fob). Please be patient with us while we work this out with our security vendor Reed Brothers. We hope to have it resolved sometime later this week.. Also, we're still forming a small team to replace the sliding glass doors in the bar and dining room.

Please check in with Commodore Mark Dallow if you can assist. Email him directly here:

I am pleased to report that the spirit of BYC volunteerism is alive and well at BYC. Again, my heartfelt thanks to all who responded to the Pine Sol Call.

Time to go sailing now! In Gratitude

Captain Chuck Bullett; Vice Commodore