Pegasus Spring Dinner honoring Patty Donald

Saturday, May 13th


Pegasus Spring Dinner honoring student accomplishments and the Shorebird Park Nature Center’s Patty Donald.

On May 13th, Pegasus will be doing a special voyage and hosting a dinner at BYC honoring Patty Donald of Shorebird Park Nature Center for her 23 consecutive year partnership with Pegasus SNC voyages. Berkeley Yacht Club has had a close ongoing relationship with the Pegasus Project as well as the Shorebird Nature Center for many years and many of our members have enjoyed crewing and volunteering with both these great organizations. Patty Donald is the Naturalist Coordinator and creator of the Marina Experience Programs under the City of Berkeley Parks and Recreation Division of the Parks, Recreation and Waterfront Department. Patty will be retiring on June 30th, 2017 after 38 years of contributions here in the Bay. She was the 2008 recipient of the Jefferson Award and the Coastal Hero Award in 2009. The Marina Experience Programs Patty coordinates educate and delight over 80,500 adults and children each year.

So, please come down to the club and join us in honoring Patty and learning more about our neighbors and marina partners Pegasus and Shorebird Park Nature Center. The festivities at the club will start around 6:30PM with a casual grill your own dinner at 7:00PM, honors and awards, around 7:45PM, followed by a special documentary, Time on Ice, the overwinter voyage of Deborah Shapiro and Rolf Bjelke on their 40 ft. Swedish yacht iced into the Antarctic. It is always a good time enjoying these special relationships we have in our Berkeley Marina community. So, take this opportunity to relax, eat, and meet our neighbors.