Berkeley Yacht Club Song written for the first dinner June 1, 1939

In the coastal town of Berkeley,
On old San Francisco Bay,
Fellow yachtsmen gather
For a dinner grand today
Celebrating our new yacht club,
With its burgee gold and blue;
Honoring its members
And director tried and true.
May it fly for years with honor
O'er the ocean's salty tang,
Hail to our first flagship,
Good old schooner SAMARANG,
As we lauch this "craft of promise"
Gliding proudly down the ways,
May it bring to each one
Years of happy sailing days.
Now we've had a year of sailing
From the cove on Berkeley's shore
Guided through the storms by
Crocheron our Commodore
Opening tonight our clubhouse
With its windows drenched with spray
Home for sturdy sailors
On the shores of San Francisco Bay