Mini Doo-Dah Cruise Report

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

As this reporter puts his thoughts down on paper (not really paper), he has just put his boat away after an epic BYC Memorial Day Weekend Cruise. He is still bubbling over from this great extended weekend sailing experience. Where to start.....?

In many ways this was a cruise of “firsts”. At least for the period of time that we have been members, this was the first multi-destination cruise. The group visited Vallejo YC, Solano YC in Suisun City and Glen Cove – every day a new location. This was the first time that every participant sailed to a location they had never sailed to before – Suisun. This was the first real family-friendly cruise with three boat loads full of kids. This was also a rare cruise to enjoy the participation of one of our power boat owning members – hopefully this will be more common in future cruises.

Our cruising extravaganza kicked off with a fantastic sail from Berkeley to Vallejo. The normal afternoon winds did their usual thing to make this one of the nicest sailing experiences you can have around these parts. 11 boats and crew made this trip – Wil & Terry on Windsong; Kathy & Chuck (with crew Mark, Lauren and Dianne) on Trial Run; Vic, Hannah, Max & Mia on Funkadelic; Greg & Melissa (with crew Matey) on Pura Vida , Ed, Erika, Jackson & Fisher on Jackfisch; Bob & Betsy on Two Truths; Timo, Najlae & Jakob (with crew Pat) on Rolltack; Mike on Knot Studying; Bob & Nancy on Destiny; Rick & Joan on Webb Site; and finally Paul & Vicki on Salsera. After enjoying the great wind and strong flood pushing us along, we were treated to the great hospitality of the Vallejo Yacht Club. They put together a very nice dinner and even had a band performing in the bar that everyone enjoyed. The Stones vs. The Kinks. (For overall songwriting, I will always be in Ray Davies corner.) Oh, did I mention the $2 Mt. Gay Rum drink specials?

On Sunday the tides and currents allowed us to sleep in. Our departure would not happen until about noon. There was time to leisurely enjoy the pancake and french toast breakfast put on by VYC. The afternoon sail up to Suisun was everything one could hope for – 15 to 25 knot winds on the beam or abaft in flat water and sunny skies. The only fly in the ointment for some was the skinny water when wrong turns were taken. Oops. Sooner or later every sailor who ventures up-river spends some time aground. About half the fleet touched bottom at some point on this adventure.

Two awards must be handed out for this weekend. Best Hors d'oeuvres goes to Nancy's Deviled Eggs aboard the beautiful m/v Destiny. They were off the chart! The Sole Sailor Award goes to Mike on Knot Studying for completing all 4 legs single-handed and making the entire river run without use of his engine! We were also graced by his lovely significant other, Lindsey, as a drive-in for a couple of the dinner events.

Speaking of dinner events... Sunday in Suisun found our group enjoying the delicious Mexican food at La Cabana – just a short walk away from our docks at the Solano YC. Joining in on the fun were a few drive-in guests including Patrick & Sharon Hind-Smith, and Valerie Suzawa.

Early Monday morning we reversed course to head back the way we came; this time enjoying a favorable ebb current and lighter winds for the upwind sailing. Glen Cove was our destination for this leg – which is also probably another first for a BYC cruise. It was at this cute little marina that BYC members proved once again that they are the absolute masters of the cruiser's potluck. What a fantastic selection of food we had to share! Other BYC drive-ins included Lisa Chapin & Chuck Bullett, Kip & Carol Keiper and a second showing of both Lindsey and Valerie. Luckily the light rain earlier in the day was gone well before our soiree.

The final leg of this cruise was the return from Glen Cove to Berkeley on Tuesday morning. Our morning departure was once again gifted with a strong favorable ebb current and friendly winds of 6 to 10 knots in flat water for the close-hauled course. Very civilized.

Greg & Melissa Davids

s/v Pura Vida

Cruise Leaders