Arriving by water?

Berkeley Yacht Club is on the south side of the entrance channel to the Berkeley Marina, at approx. 37-52.0N x 122-19.3W

The main channel and deepest water is to the south of the rip-rap breakwater, the southernmost of the three possible routes in.

Controlling water depth is about 6.5 feet at the zero tide level datum (mean lower low water). However, silt has been know to acccumulate near the entrance.

The Berkeley Yacht Club guest dock is along the east side of the building, with good protection from the prevailing westerly. Tie up if there's space. Reservations should be arranged via email with the Port Captain. If you don't have reservations for the guest dock, ring the doorbell on the front door to find the club manager or other club official who can confirm availability of the guest dock.

Rafting up is usually acceptable if space is tight, but try to get permission from the inboard boat first, and in no case should the raft be more than two deep without permission from the BYC Port Captain:

If the guest dock is full, the harbormaster's office is near the K dock gate, in the middle of the south side of the marina basin. There are usually plenty of transient berths available, but the office might be closed after about 6:30 PM. There is almost always plenty of space at the fuel dock across the channel on the north side, but this is inconvenient to the yacht club (approx. 15 minute walk around the harbor) and you must be ready to move when the fuel dock opens in the morning.