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BYC July 4th 2017 Benicia Cruise Last Call

The July 4th holiday is fast approaching.  Next Saturday, July 1st, starts the 4 day cruise to Benicia by Glenn Fagerlin, Cruise Leader.  The events are:

Saturday, July 1 - Cruise to Benicia, dinner at the Benicia Yacht Club

Sunday, July 2 - Dock party, pot luck or on your own for dinner

Monday, July 3 - Hang out, tour historic Benicia, parade in downtown Benicia at 6:30

Tuesday July 4 - Group dinner Union Hotel 7 pm, fireworks at 9:30

Wednesday July 5 - Return

Mini Doo-Dah Cruise Report

Memorial Day Weekend 2013

As this reporter puts his thoughts down on paper (not really paper), he has just put his boat away after an epic BYC Memorial Day Weekend Cruise. He is still bubbling over from this great extended weekend sailing experience. Where to start.....?